Friday, January 27, 2012

Character: Uryu Ishida

Character File: Uryu Ishida

Ishida is a Quincy. Quincies traditionally hate Soul Reapers, but Ishida is a friend of Ichigo's... kind of. They're also sort of rivals. Ishida is the best in his class. Ichigo was like 24th or something. He likes to sew. He's always making silly costumes for Kon (we'll explain who he is in next character file.)

Ima's note: Ishida has kind of a tragic story. His dad never wanted to be a Quincy, and his sensei (also his grandfather) died horribily (in front of Ishida.) Almost no one calls him by his first name. He's very polite, I think. It's sometimes hard to tell in dubbed. I like him, even though some times he comes off as a bit arrogant and fussy. I think he has a not-so-secret crush on Orihime.

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