Friday, January 27, 2012

Character: Uryu Ishida

Character File: Uryu Ishida

Ishida is a Quincy. Quincies traditionally hate Soul Reapers, but Ishida is a friend of Ichigo's... kind of. They're also sort of rivals. Ishida is the best in his class. Ichigo was like 24th or something. He likes to sew. He's always making silly costumes for Kon (we'll explain who he is in next character file.)

Ima's note: Ishida has kind of a tragic story. His dad never wanted to be a Quincy, and his sensei (also his grandfather) died horribily (in front of Ishida.) Almost no one calls him by his first name. He's very polite, I think. It's sometimes hard to tell in dubbed. I like him, even though some times he comes off as a bit arrogant and fussy. I think he has a not-so-secret crush on Orihime.

Bleach, Main Character

2nd File: Ichigo Kurosaki

This will be a long one....

Okay, Ichigo is 15, we think. His hair color is orange (very bright). Apparently, he is nicknamed "Strawberry," but in the subbed episodes we've watched that has never come up. All the fan sites and the Manga mention it, however. I think this may account for his grouchy expression.

Ichigo in a training session with Kisuke Urahara became half-hollow (a hollow is a type of non-human-looking demon. More on hollows later.)

He is cool, very reckless, and his spritual energy is super-strong. He defeated Kenpachi Zaraki in one-on-one combat. How cool is that? Kenpachi used to be the strongest soul reaper*

*on some fan sites this term is translated as "death god." On Wikipedia it's: Shinigami.

Ima note: One of my favorite things about Ichigo is that he is extra-loyal to his friends. What's fun about the stories for me is that Ichigo always gets defeated by someone cool, and then comes back three or four episodes later SUPER kick-butt. And, there seems to be no end to his ability to become MORE AWESOME. To the point where he stop sokyoku without even breaking a sweat. (Which Mason points out is kind of a feat, since the sokyoku is made of FIRE.) Anyway, I like him. I wish he were my friend because I know he'd LITERALLY go to hell and back for me (which it looks like he's going to have to in order to rescue his friends. Oh, and survive.)

Bleach, Episode 65

First file: Lirin

The first thing I have say is, "Demons are creepy. Especially human-looking ones."

The one I hate the most right now is Lirin. She is creepy, with her whole obsession with games. And the fact she's sadistic-seeming. She also seems to be smart, which is BAD. Bad, shall we say, for our heroes.

Ima's note: the new ending music for the show is SUPER STRANGE. I spend the entire time cowering on the couch, screaming "Oh, ick!" And Mason spent the whole time rolled up in the fetal position yelling, "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I find dancing stuffed animals especially funky, creepy, and nightmare-inducing.